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                                            Southern Illinois Youth Football Conference Rules 2018

                                       All Games Will be played with the same rules established by the Illinois High School Association

1. Games will be played using 8 minute quarters, 5 minute halftime,
    A. 3 timeouts per half for 8th grade
    B. 2 Timeouts per half for 6th grade

2. Play clock will be 30 seconds between plays for all levels
    A. 6th grade will be allowed 1 coach on the field for offense
    B. No coaches on the field for defense

3. Weight Limits will be determined by the conference to establish the eligibility of players who can play in the backfield and/or receive the ball via pass, punt or kick.
    A. Weight Limits are:
              i. 150 for 8th Grade
              ii. 130 for 6th grade
    B. Player jersey numbers
              i. Players eligible to carry the ball must wear numbers 1-49 and 80-89
              ii. Players not eligible to carry the ball must wear numbers 50-79 & 90-99

4. Exceptions to the ball carrier rule are:
    A. Any defensive player intercepting a pass or picking up a fumble
    B. Any player in front row of a kickoff return

5. Weigh-ins will be conducted no later than 30 minutes prior to kickoff
    A. All players eligible to handle the ball must weigh in before each game
    B. Players to play ineligible positions (lineman) are not required to weigh-in
    C. Host team responsible for scale

6. Weight limit rules violations:
    A. One coach’s challenge will be allowed per season. To Challenge the coach must identify the player and the position they are playing.               Immediately following the game the player in question will be weighted without pads and equipment.
    B. If the player in question makes weight the coach forfeits the challenge
    C. If the player in question does not make weight the challenging coach retains their challenge
    D. Violations of Weight rule
         i. 1st violation: the player in question and head coach are suspended for one game and the dame will forfeit the game in which the                                       player was used
         ii. 2nd violation: the Player in question and head coach are suspended for remainder of season and team is put on probation
         iii. 3rd violation: Interim head coach suspended for remainder of the season and team death penalty, ineligible for reinstatement for 2 years.

7. Defense:
    A. No forward motion of the linebackers until the ball is snapped
    B. All linebackers inside the box must be at least one yard from heels of the defensive lineman
    C. Linebackers on the line of scrimmage must assume 3 or 4 point stance indie the box. They may assume a standing 2 point stance if lined up          outside the box.
    D. Officials may blow a play dead if they deem a ball carrier is blindsided, or potentially injured
    E. If an official blows the play dead, the ball will be spotted at the point where the ball was when the whistle was blown.

8. Special Teams:
    A. Only players eligible to carry ball are allowed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th rows for kickoff return.
    B. Only eligible players may be lined up deep to return punt.
    C. Punt
         i. 8th grade
              1. Punt is live, no declaration required
              2. Punter must be 7 yards deep
              3. Only down lineman may rush the punter but cannot line up over center or in Agap
         ii. 6th grade
              1. Punt must be declared and ball will be moved by official 30 yards
              2. Ball will never be spotted inside 20 yard line on punt
              3. Must go for it on 4th down inside 25.
              4. Spot ball on the 50 after safety

    D. Field Goal-PAT
         i. 8th grade kicks are live and only down lineman may rush the kick
              1. Ball must kicked 7 yards from line of scrimmage
              2. No covering center or A –Gaps
         ii. 6th Grade
              1. No rushing kick
              2. Ball must be kicked 7 yards from line of scrimmage

9. Age Restrictions and eligibility
    A. No freshman are eligible to play     
    B. 8th Graders cannot turn 15 prior to August 1st
    C. 7th Graders cannot turn 14 prior to August 1st
    D. 6th Graders cannot turn 13 prior to August 1st

10. Ball Size
    A. 8th Grade use official youth Size Football-TDY
    B. 6th Grade use official Junior Size Football-TDJ

11. Mercy Rule:
    A. 28 point lead in 2nd half, the clock sill run continuously only stopping for timeouts and injuries
    B. Losing team may request continuous clock earlier

12. Referees
    A. 3 Officials per game for 6th grade
    B. 4 Officials per game for 8th grade
    C. All games may have 4 officials at discretion of scheduling Official D. Officials to be paid $50.00 per game

13. Gate fees
    A. $1 per student high school age and younger-may request i.d.
    B. $3 per adult
    C. Junior high cheerleaders cheering at game-free


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